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Identify and Attract High Profit Hispanic Customers

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November 14, 2012

12 PM - 1PM Central Time

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No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Terry emphasizes that by simply identifying your highest opportunity Hispanic segment, performing the required target insights work and methodically optimizing current strategies, your organization can develop an effective and efficient Hispanic marketing strategy - without having to develop an entirely new, separate, costly and potentially misaligned strategy.



Optimize Your Strategies for Grow in the Hispanic Market

Terry shares her view of how targeting Hispanics can be integrated across strategic, planning and implementation processes so Hispanic market efforts become another dimension or layer of the company's overall go to market strategy; but importantly, one that is aligned with the companies big picture direction and goals.


Reasons "Excuses" Companies Don't Leverage the Hispanic Market for Growth

Terry shares the reasons or "excuses" she often hears from organizations when they explain the reasons they are not leveraging the Hispanic market for growth. She explains that real or imagined, many of the reasons are easily addressed if companies think about this market segments as strategically as they might any other growth segment.



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Just Because You Don't See Them Doesn't Mean They Aren't Buying From Your Competition


I just had lunch this week with a Vice President of Multicultural Marketing at a large CPG company with over 20 years brand management experience at P&G, Kraft Foods, etc. who was asked to take the position four months ago to establish Multicultural Marketing as a strategic growth pillar for the company and to generate impressive share growth for the company's brand portfolio. When I asked about the greatest challenges faced so far, the following three surfaced:  Read the full post 


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Generate Dramatic Growth by Optimizing Your Business Strategies to Succeed in the Hispanic MarketHispanic Retail 360 Summit 2012

LA Live - J.W. Marriott

August 16, 2012


American Fraternal Alliance Annual Meeting

New Orleans - Ritz Carlton Hotel

September 6, 2012

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