When it comes to Hispanic marketing, I say go big or stay home. Everyone needs to be involved or nothing will happen. I recommend Terry Soto to get you started
Lisa Kranc, Senior Vice President of Marketing, AutoZone

When companies want to focus on optimizing strategies to succeed in the Hispanic market, they must educate, improve core competencies, motivate, and demonstrate the value of making Hispanics a part of the core strategy among key stakeholders.

Our Hispanic market workshops help stakeholders quickly understand the Hispanic market opportunity and what the company needs to do to succeed among Hispanics without having to change the company’s strategic focus.

In our 1-2-day workshops stakeholders will apply Hispanic market learnings to decision making that impacts organizational structure, leads to a coordinated operation and identifies critical infrastructure capability enhancements. This results in actionable and collaborative first-step solutions to quickly ramp up efforts to succeed among target Hispanics. Once vetted and refined back at home office, solutions can typically be integrated and deployed quickly and with the appropriate stakeholder support.

Workshops are adapted in length as needed and address varying levels of education needs, analysis and decision making. The outcomes always include an in-depth understanding and high level action plan of what a company needs to do, and why, in order to optimize its strategy to succeed in the U.S. Hispanic market, and dramatically improve overall business performance. This is what we mean when we speak about optimizing your strategies to succeed among Hispanics.