Terry took our early stage hypothesis and delivered back a strategic and actionable franchise-growing business solution for Storck. From engagement to conclusion, Terry is truly a business partner with tremendous passion for her work. Shortly after the project commenced, it was crystal clear why Terry is among the foremost knowledgeable experts on Hispanic market matters. I highly recommend Terry Soto and About Marketing Solutions Inc.
Andrew Ruttgers, CFO Storck USA LP

About Marketing Solutions’ consulting approaches and frameworks are far from cookie cutter. We consistently customize our work and methods to address our clients’ stated objectives and their individual and specific situations. Our goal is to always produce outcomes that deliver the value that matters most to our clients, with the metrics that focus on dramatic overall business performance improvement. Some specific Hispanic market strategy optimization areas among our recent clients have included:

  • Innovated relevant products. Some clients recognize that product innovation is the only way to expand shelf presence and improve their margins. They also know that retail channels are hungry for products that are unique and appealing to Hispanics.  We’ve helped them find relevant product innovations and extensions that are appealing to Hispanics in the U.S. and countries of origin that they can quickly bring to market through existing facilities and distribution channels or develop in-house.
  • Identified high opportunity Hispanic segments trade areas. Some clients have seen the Hispanic market growing in their footprint markets, but didn’t know the relevancy and profit potential of specific Hispanic market segments to their companies. We helped identify high opportunity Hispanic segments concentration in their footprint and recommended the most productive and effective distribution model.
  • Updated product and service solutions and provided competitive counter-solutions. Some of our clients have been targeting Hispanics for some time, but were on auto pilot. They had not kept in step with Hispanic market changes or with competitive responses to those changes. We scanned and analyzed the market and competition, and provided objective product and service solutions that are more relevant, and with greater profitability. We also provided solutions to counter competitive activity.
  • Improved relevance and effectiveness of customer touch points. Some clients are great at aligning their value chain and product delivery to Hispanic consumers. Yet as the competition raises the bar, the customer experience the client delivers doesn’t keep up with consumer expectations. We assessed our client’s customers’ experience across all touch points and provided solutions for optimizing their strategies across key operational and infrastructure areas, improving retention and repeat business.
  • Increased relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts. As companies’ marketing managers come and go, new managers do not understand who their high profit Hispanic segments are; and they don’t know how to integrate these Hispanic segments into existing and new strategies, or even whether they should. We evaluated how comprehensive, relevant and aligned a client’s existing marketing strategies were vis-a-vis their most productive Hispanic segments, and recommended significant communication, language and media strategy shifts.

We utilize research, business intelligence and mobilize client organizations to provide business solutions for Hispanic market success.