Terry undertook and executed a very thorough market analysis and evaluation of our efforts in the Hispanic market. She encouraged the team to think outside the box, and delivered on point recommendations for moving our business forward over the next few years. I would recommend Terry to anyone who is planning an entry into the Hispanic marketplace.
Bev Campbell, Vice President Hispanic Marketing and Value Added Services, bluestem brands, inc.

Researching the Hispanic market potential often means different things to different companies, depending on the stage of their efforts. Frequently, companies looking for answers on the Hispanic market make the mistake of spending tens of thousands of dollars on primary research studies, without first doing the work that precedes it: desk discovery, analyzing existing data sources for which the company is already paying, and analyzing important dashboard metrics data. This last analysis we find always provides our clients with a strong baseline understanding of their situation, and helps focus and maximize primary research dollars when additional research becomes necessary.

For example, a critical aspect of the initial discovery and research process with our clients is working with and leading internal research, analytical, and statistical teams to identify internal and purchased data and analytical requirements. We work side by side with our clients to jointly identify and provide a solid understanding of their high opportunity Hispanic segments.

This initial data mining helps clients grasp current performance among these segments to determine the decisions necessary to optimize strategy implementation. 

If the need for quantitative and qualitative primary research defined we help select the best fit market research companies based on category expertise, research and analytical methods, advanced statistical abilities and Hispanic market expertise and experience.

We work directly with the vendor and client teams to ensure proper alignment with the broader consulting project scope and objectives.

An important consideration we stress to our client teams is that arriving to the implications from any research requires the affected stakeholder in the organization. To fully understand, gain the necessary insights to make decisions and enhance client teams to take the right actions, all areas of the organization must participate, as appropriate, in the research, analysis, strategy optimization and the appropriate implementation.