“Verizon Wireless hired Terry Soto to conduct an independent assessment of our Hispanic Marketing efforts. Our collaboration led to one of the most extensive and comprehensive strategic assessments ever conducted for this consumer audience. Her work went well beyond the surface, touched nearly every area of the company, including our AOR, and she ultimately delivered on some significant strategy shifting recommendations for optimizing our position in this market. I highly recommend Terry to any company wanting to step up their game” in Hispanic.”
Jill Rueckert-Lopez, Director, Multicultural Marketing Strategy, Verizon Wireless

Many companies see the data on the growing Hispanic population and its increasing buying power, and wonder if they’re positioned to leverage this buying potential. Some companies are well-positioned in this market place. Some are just beginning their efforts. Many others still find themselves wondering if the market represents an opportunity for them.

We work with companies in all stages including companies wondering how targeting Hispanics could contribute to overall performance, companies already taking steps in that direction and companies targeting Hispanics successfully but which want step up their game to remain relevant and competitive.

Our consulting approach helps companies understand the necessary steps to optimize their existing strategies among U.S. Hispanics.

If you’re asking:

  • Which segment(s) of the Hispanic population is right for us?
  • What are our competitors doing to attract and retain this market?
  • Do we have a product that Hispanics want and need?
  • Are we organized to deliver the best, culturally-relevant customer experience across all touch points?
  • Do we know how and where to reach our target Hispanic market effectively and efficiently?

Take a moment to evaluate the stage in which your company finds itself today, in terms of its success and readiness to attract and retain U.S. Hispanics.

Stage 1 – We haven’t decided to target U.S. Hispanics, but we are thinking about it.

Stage 2 – We have decided to target U.S. Hispanics and have started to look into it.

Stage 3 – We have started to target U.S. Hispanics, but we’re facing challenges and are not sure we going about it the right way.

Stage 4 – We have been targeting Hispanics successfully for years and are looking for ways to optimize our success even further.