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Marketing to Hispanics: A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning your Initiative is an influential blueprint for any organizations interested in what it takes to grow profits in the Hispanic market.

  • Do you have a Hispanic initiative that just can’t seem to gain internal traction?
  • Does it feel like Hispanic marketing in your company is a series of starts and stops?
  • When cost cutting takes place is the Hispanic budget the first place people look to cut?
  • Do you sometimes feel you’re in a constant state of selling the value of what you do as a multicultural manager?
  • Does your organization question and dispute when funds are allocated to funding Hispanic market efforts?
  • Does the Hispanic market seen like an arbitrary exercise in your company?

Even companies with a reputation for strategic leadership often find themselves in the Hispanic market conundrum. The commonly seen; “act first, regret later” approach across many companies inevitably results in false starts, piecemeal efforts, efforts that are disconnected from the company’s overall goals and direction, initiatives that quickly lose traction if they ever had it in the first place, and millions of wasted dollars and time. Not to mention, lots of very frustrated and demoralized Hispanic market managers.

There’s a proven way to enter the market successfully. In Marketing to Hispanics: A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning Your Initiative, I guide readers to align their company’s Hispanic strategy with its strategic and operational goals. Step by step I discuss in-depth assessment, planning processes, and necessary frameworks. These shape the business intelligence and steps that lead companies to greater value creation through their Hispanic initiatives.

Address critical business issues

This book is far from a tactical marketing “how-to-guide.” Marketing to Hispanics helps management ask strategic questions and address sensitive business planning issues.

  • Why staying connected to your company’s Vision, Mission and Strategy for Hispanic market growth?
  • How to position the Hispanic market as a strategic growth pillar?
  • How to identify your most profitable Hispanic consumer segment(s) is and are you targeting them?
  • Do you understand the environment in which you will compete for this high profit potential Hispanic consumer segment (s)?
  • Do you know which areas should improve their relevancy in order to maximize profits among Hispanics?

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