Why Tactical Initiatives Fail

One of the important concerns I have about Hispanic initiatives I see today, is how tactical and inconsistent with the company’s overall strategies and tactics they are.

There are two problems I see immediately with this:

1) They don’t support that company’s main brand position in a cohesive manner

2) They are unsustainable because they require ground up planning and execution which can only be supported for short periods of time.

I believe that developing tactics for a Hispanic market strategy ought to be based on the company’s overall strategy and tactical plan.  It is mistake to work outside this context.

The truth is that if the company has identified the Hispanic consumer segment that is like the segments they already target, the strategies and tactics will for the most part be just as relevant to the company’s Hispanic target albeit with some adjustments to consider cultural and perhaps language.

The important thing to consider is that tactics need to support a common strategy or people those charged with driving the strategies’ success won’t support it for long because they will not generate the desired results if they are isolated tactical efforts. The company may even walk away from the Hispanic market for years before coming back to it.

When thinking tactics, integration and alignment with the company’s overall strategy is essential.