The Benefits Of A 360 Approach To Developing A Hispanic Market Strategy

I often speak of the benefits of a 360 approach. Here’s how it benefits my clients when we implement it:

  1. It engages and gains support across the organization so the strategy is integrated into every aspect of how the company does business. This helps prevent a Hispanic marketing initiative that is underfunded and under supported because it was conceived as an afterthought.
  2. It builds competency and creates capabilities to be relevant and compelling to all consumers including Hispanics. This enables and empowers all areas of the company to not only think about the Hispanic market, but to learn to think like them.
  3. It creates awareness of the interdependencies of the strategy across departments and engenders a greater sense of accountability. When areas responsible for carrying out a strategy understand the requirements for respective areas, it makes it more difficult to avoid responsibility or to pretend they didn’t know.
  4. It ensures the strategy to attract Hispanic market business can evolve as the business evolves and that it can be enduring as long as it makes sense for the business.
  5. Lastly, a 360 approach delivers a seamless and relevant customer experience with your products or services thereby building repeat business and loyalty for your brand.