Ten Critical Factors For a Hispanic Market Strategy That Contributes To Growth

  1. Obtain senior management and board alignment on the Hispanic market as a growth opportunity against the company’s stated growth platforms
  2. Invest appropriately to identify the most productive Hispanic consumer segments and the insights for how to be effective against stated growth platforms among those segments
  3. Have a solid understanding of how Hispanics can contribute to advancing the company’s growth priorities and strategies
  4. Recognize that an effective Hispanic market strategy is dependent on a value chain that is aligned throughout the organization and goes well beyond marketing
  5. Have a solid understanding of the organizational, infrastructure, budgets and time requirements
  6. Ensure product and service focus is based on overall company direction
  7. Have the ability to innovate with the organization’s Hispanic target in mind
  8. Establish clear return on investment metrics to track how Hispanic targeted efforts are impacting business results for the organization
  9. Establish clear metrics on how the organization researches, plans, executes and measures its Hispanic market efforts
  10. Establish ROI timing based on market situation at activation: take into account reasonable introduction, development and promotions timeframes –  benchmark against similar situations