Universal Studios Television’s USA Network Cable Network


The Latin American group at USA Network in Miami was having trouble capturing viewers within the adults, 18-35 age range challenging sales efforts in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Initially, the USA Network marketing team retained us to support positioning and concept development work for in country testing. However, a situation analysis initial phase to provide a thorough understanding of the viewer environment in each market and the network’s current programming and sales approach was recommended. Our premise was that subsequent strategy and positioning work would be better grounded in relevant market and network intelligence and as a result much stronger.

How We Resolved It

About Marketing Solutions conducted an extensive market due diligence study that included locating, gathering and analyzing information from industry sources, talking to key stakeholders at the network, and doing a competitive analysis of both the U.S. and each of the four countries where the network broadcasts. We found that USA Network already had strong programming genres that appealed to the adult, 18-34 target. We recommended the network capitalize on this programming niche by focusing and aligning future sales and marketing strategy and positioning accordingly.


The findings caused the network to revise their marketing and sales plans to align with this new direction. As the network implemented the new strategy, we worked closely with its researchers, marketers and producers in each country to develop creative concepts to promote the new programming niche in each country. The research that followed validated the appeal among adult, 18-34 audiences, and provided solid direction for the network’s new on-air positioning, look and feel and further strengthened the network’s strategic focus among its sales and marketing team.