Harris Bank / Bank of Montreal


Harris Bank management perceived an opportunity to target Hispanics through a targeted branch concept which would offer an array of traditional and customized banking services. Harris was unfamiliar with how Hispanics bank and was unsure how to proceed if at all. The bank needed direction and the right insights to develop the business case which would propose the products and services to be offered and the necessary marketing, pricing, distribution channels models with an eye towards any regulatory red flags.

How We Resolved It

We devised a three phase approach to define the most promising opportunity. The first provided Hispanic market insights and their use of banking products and services. The second phase consisted of working through a series of hypotheses detailing the activities and process necessary to launch the concept. The third phase validated the hypotheses, served to define specific scenarios, and to select the best opportunity. Working closely with a Bank of Montreal/Harris Bank cross functional team including financial analysts, business models and financial feasibility analysis of the proposed new bank entity where conducted.


The resulting business plan was presented to the chairman of the board and his steering committee, and after some refinements to the financial models and more detail to some of the operational and marketing plans, the project was approved and funded.