Feld Entertainment / Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®


Ringling Bros. wanted to increase attendance among U.S. Hispanics, but wasn’t being very successful.  While Ringling Bros. advertised to Hispanics when the show was in town, these efforts were created by local sales offices, were translations of the English language commercials, were improperly casted and they were not grounded on family entertainment Hispanic market insights. The Ringling Bros. brand group recognized this was far from optimal and not a path to long-term success with Hispanic audiences.

How We Resolved It

About Marketing Solutions conducted both secondary and primary research that included locating, gathering and analyzing information from industry sources, conducting focus groups, interviewing company stakeholders including show producers, and conducting a competitive analysis of entertainment options with high appeal among Hispanics. Ringling Bros. learned how Hispanics felt about the brand; how they relate to the entertainment category, their live show attendance behavior and the value they place on different types of entertainment. Importantly, Ringling Bros. learned about the live entertainment options available to Hispanics in various markets, ticket prices and their competitive positioning in the marketplace.  Ultimately, Ringling Bros. learned its brand was in a great position to attract Hispanics to their shows.

I express my deep appreciation for your strategic insight and direction to help Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus launch its first Hispanic marketing campaign. Your strategic insight, on how to appeal to the Hispanic market, moved beyond advertising and into the production of the show and your recommendations for modifying the show to make it more Hispanic friendly and relevant will help Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey create a loyal audience with Latinos that will serve us well. Thanks again Terry for all your help in this inaugural year! I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Ann Rote, Brand Director (Past), Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

As we assessed the show, we proposed changes to make the show bilingual and more Hispanic friendly and relevant across key Hispanic markets. This included hiring a recognizable bilingual celebrity ringmaster who was brought in from Mexico. Ringling Bros. also hired bilingual clowns from their Mexico shows to better interact with Hispanic families during the pre-show experience. A series of minor but important show modifications were made to better resonate among Hispanic audiences. We then supported marketing plan and creative strategy development and subsequently, facilitated ad agency selection to develop and produce insight based television and radio commercials to promote the show.   


Our strategic guidance has helped Ringling Bros. attract many more Hispanic families to its shows in key Hispanic markets and we continued to work with Ringling Bros. in marketing several editions of The Greatest Show On Earth® including supporting to its local sales and marketing teams on an as needed basis when the show was in town.