AutoZone (AZ) had been successfully targeting the Hispanic market across the country with tremendous success. Not long after his appointment, one of AZ’s board members, a high level executive with a strong track record as president in several CPG companies and a strong supporter of successful Hispanic market strategies in those companies suggested AZ had some improvement opportunities and should revisit its Hispanic market strategy. Coincidentally, the question of the Hispanic market as a growth platform had been asked by AZ’s leadership so the SVP of Marketing and SVP of Merchandising and Operations set out to answer the question by assessing the company’s current performance in the Hispanic market as a way to optimize the company’s Hispanic market strategy and growth position.

When it comes to Hispanic marketing, I say go big or stay home. Everyone needs to be involved or nothing will happen. I recommend Terry Soto to get you started.
Lisa Kranc, Senior Vice President of Marketing, AutoZone

How We Resolved It

We designed and facilitated a 360 assessment of its strategy, organizational structure and its infrastructure to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses at corporate and across its 4,000 store network. We assembled a senior 30+ person cross-functional Multinational team (U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico) and over the course of three months the team went to work on an a research and analysis, market observations, field and corporate office interviews and a work session process targeting a variety of product assortment, customer service, merchandising, sales, distribution, technology, hiring/staffing, consumer segmentation, marketing and a host of other areas which the team surfaced as possible areas for improvement.
Over the following three months critical areas of improvement were identified and the team worked together to arrive at solutions and recommendations which were discussed with and vetted by all senior executives, regional directors and local teams.


The assessment work resulted in recommendations for alignment work across a variety of areas across the company which were presented and accepted by AZ’ CEO and Executive Leadership committee. Recommendations continue to be implemented with strong sales success.