What We Do

About Marketing Solutions, Inc. is a strategy consulting company. We help our clients accelerate sales by helping them optimize their strategies and operational readiness to accelerate sales and grow shareholder value. We deliver value in several ways including:

  1. Cross‐Industry Market Expertise: We provide key insights to enhance clients’ collective market knowledge and experience as relates to their respective industry, services, and products.
  2. Comprehensive, Customized and Client Aligned Consulting Approach: Our focus is on optimizing companies’ existing market strategies so they are equally effective among diverse consumers.
  3. Fresh and Objective Input: We provide direct and honest input on a client’s strengths, shortcomings and resource requirements for achieving relevance and sales among diverse consumers.
  4. Big Picture Focus: We work with client stakeholders across the organization enabling us to identify implementation interdependencies between operational areas so all areas are coordinated and aligned to effectively sell and retain diverse customers.
  5. No Vested Interests: Our consulting process is devoid of and unconstrained by company politics or personal agendas. We work with top management to skillfully lead and objectively achieve outcomes that make good business sense. Period.